JAKE BUSEY  (15.Juni 1971)

Jake Busey makes his television series debut as Dennis, a rowdy DJ/drummer who lives for three things: making music, chasing women and tormenting the pizza delivery boy, in UPN's raucous new comedy, Shasta.

Raised in Malibu, California, Busey spent his childhood summers on film sets and touring with bands that his father, Gary Busey, played in. With those influences in his life, he took up two "hobbies" at a very young age, pastimes that would one day grow into professions: acting and playing the drums.Busey made his motion picture debut alongside his father and Dustin Hoffman in the 1978 drama "Straight Time". With guidance from his parents, he spent the rest of his childhood focusing on school and the drums, which he was inspired to learn not only by his father, but musical legends Mick Fleetwood and Jim Keltner.

One semester into college, Busey decided to shift his focus once again to acting. For three years, he took part in an intensive acting program followed by a three-month workshop with acclaimed acting coach James Best. Soon after he completed his training, Busey landed parts in Jim Brooks' "I'll Do Anything" and "SFW" as well as stand-out roles in such high profile films as "Starship Troopers", "The Frighteners" and, most recently, "Home Fries" and "Enemy of the State".This fall, he'll play a small town sheriff working through a hostage situation in the feature film "Held Up", with Jamie Foxx. He can also be seen in the upcoming movie "Taillights Fade", as a classic automobile restorer who, along with his girlfriend (played by Denise Richards), races to unload their jailed friend's drug warehouse before it's discovered by the police.

In his spare time, Busey works on his first love: music. Currently, he is playing bass guitar in a band and writing music. He is also a licensed airplane pilot and spends several days a month flying.

He lives in Santa Monica with his dog, Annabelle.

Dennis ist ein ziemlich rüpelhafter DJ und Drummer, der für 3 Dinge lebt: Musik machen, Frauen anbaggern und den Pizzaboten zu terrorisieren. Er ist einfach etas "anders" als alle anderen und Manieren und gutes Benehmen sind ein Fremdwort für ihn.

Dargestellt wird er von Jake Busey, der seine erste Schauspielererfahrungen 1978 im Film "Straight Time" an der Seite seines Vaters und Dustin Hoffman hatte. Aufgewachsen in Malibu (Kalifornien), verbrachte er als Kind bzw. Teenager seine meisten Sommer auf irgendwelchen Filmsets oder tourte mit der Band seines Vaters durch die Gegend. Kein Wunder also, dass seine Hobbies schon sehr früh Schauspielerei und Schlagzeug spielen waren und er diese auch später zu seinem Beruf machte. Er spielte u.a. in Filmen mit wie "Starship Troopers" und "Enemy Of The State" (Staatsfeind Nr.1).

In seiner Freizeit widmet Busey sich seiner ersten Liebe - der Musik. Er spielt Bass in einer Band und schreibt Musik. Ausserdem hat er einen Flugschein und verbringt viel Zeit in der Luft. Jake wohnt momentan mit seinem Hund Annabelle in Santa Monica.



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